Chelsea Bernardo

Visual Merchandiser

 Chelsea is a creative designer who specializes in graphic design, interior architecture design, window design and visual merchandising, with over 5 years of experience. Together with a dedicated work ethic and a well-rounded background, she is happy to jump on any project that comes her way. Chelsea thrives in a fast-paced environment, and loves creating memorable designs for a wide range of companies.


Career Highlights:

  •  Visual Merchandising - International and Domestic Companies

  • Graphic Design - International and Domestic Companies

  • Interior Design

  • Production Artist - GAIAM - NYC



ZenGenius, Inc.

  • Assisted with graphic re-branding, store design, graphic design, and visual merchandising designs.
  • Designed and executed graphic design, floor plans, three-dimensional displays, and windows/photo shoots for assigned client floor-sets/mock builds/events.
  • Stood as first point-of-contact between clients and the design team.
  • Created proposals for all on-going projects and managed the team, to stay within budget.
  • Designed seasonal graphic campaigns, advertisements, and standard visual merchandising manuals for multiple clients that improve sales.
  • Partnered closely with the production team to align on all strategies and display elements, while striving to reduce the costs and ease in execution of installs for multiple stores.
  • Translated merchant strategies into clear creative concepts and effective storytelling that optimizes profitability.
  • Provided visual merchandising planning and on-site assistance for international and domestic store openings.
  • Created reports of trends, compelling styling, and visual/merchandising strategies through extensive market research - including demographics and market trends analysis, competitive assessment, and consumer segmentation as they relate to fashion and the business.



  • Designed and developed visual merchandising standards for retail dispensaries to maximize sales.
  • Maintained updates to High Road Design Studio website.
  • Provided merchandising plans and display designs for retail stores.



  • Assisted my team with designing stores for college Barnes and Noble bookstores across the U.S.
  • Executed graphic marketing designs with the design team.
  • Specified furniture, finishes, and fixtures; assisted in budget development; prepared material boards.
  • Maintained AutoCAD fixture templates.