Ready To Wear Child Pose 1.1


Ready To Wear Child Pose 1.1


The Ready To Wear Collection by Mondo Mannequins

This pose will give your display the perfect balance of innocence and playfulness. The hands behind the back and the tilted head gives off an "I didn't do it" vibe that every child has perfected. The size of the mannequin will stop viewers in their tracks as the "awww" at its playful stature and adorable pose. 

Ready To Wear Kid 4 year old pose 1.1 with egg head tilted left, arms behind back, right foot pointed out, standard calf and foot fitting and glass base. Beautiful True White finish.

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Mannequin Specifications:

Height: 42.5"

Chest: 22"

Waist: 20.5"

Hips: 24"

Neck: 10.5"

Finish: #109 True White Matte