Eve Warnock

Graphic Artist / Visual Merchandiser


Eve is a multimedia artist who works in the realms of large scale installation, costume, performance and kinetic sculptures. Her most current works are Invasive Native, a series of interactive sculptures that activate through biometric sensors and data collection, and OBLSK, a production company that creates experiences through media, 3D projection and storytelling.

Eve has earned an MFA from the Digital Arts and New Media program at the University of California Santa Cruz. She has worked internationally with puppet company Wakka Wakka productions, artist Ann Hamilton, and designed and constructed the artistic elements of Limited Brands Co. marketing designs. She is also the artistic consultant for LUDIKA, a collaborative art and game company rooted in science and play. Both her performative and sculptural work has been exhibited in galleries, museums, theaters and opera houses.

Career Highlights:

  • Maker
  • Creative Director
  • Light Artist
  • Media Artist


Graphic Artist / Visual Merchandiser

ZenGenius, Inc.

  • Worked with graphic designers to create and install window mock up for Victoria’s Secret, Express and Pink.
  • Created all sculptural elements of window mock up to be reproduced nationwide.
  • Traveled nationally to Limited Brand stores to install window props.



  • Built concept through collaboration with clients, decided overall direction of story concept.
  • Sketched and designed physical sets for video, projections, performances and interfaces between humans and technology.
  • Designed branding elements for clients, including logos, images, color palettes and interior design.

Art Consultant


  • Concept developer, engineered scenarios and strategies of game design.
  • Production artist, constructed props, costumes, and visual elements of game construction.
  • Player, organizer and lead collaborator between participants and players.