Julie Sullivan

Visual Merchandiser


Julie is a creative, passionate and dedicated leader, with a great eye for detail. With over thirty-years of experience, she has become a reliable team-player, who can adapt to anything that comes her way. Julie is innovative and resourceful, and has been an inspiration to her staff throughout her career. In addition to Julie’s expertise in Visual Merchandising, she also has experience with event planning, holiday, and interior decorating.


Career Highlights:

  • Visual Manager
  • Regional Visual Manager of the Year Twice
  • Participated in Floor-sets Nationally, including Traveling to New York City for Six Years, in 4 th Quarter
  • NSO’s Nationwide
  • Interior Decorator for Private Clients Nationwide


Visual Merchandiser

ZenGenius, Inc.


Visual Manager


  • Assisted in floor moves, while managing fixture and mannequin placement
  • Collaborated with district team on seasonal floor planning
  • District trainer for new visual staff, promoting over 10 employees throughout career
  • Developed a variety of collateral for other stores to follow throughout the district
  • Created and set up national cosmetic events
  • Opened and managed federated prototype store