Justin Kornicki

Visual Merchandiser


Justin moved to Columbus from the Philadelphia area in 2012. With an eclectic background—ranging from designer level fashion buying, to wholesale visual management—Justin’s understanding of multiple consumer markets is a key component in his creative process. He also spent a few years abroad in Milan, Italy, which provided a deep insight on European business practices and has enabled him to collaborate very efficiently. The culmination of his professional approach to projects, and his experience with quick changing trends across several markets, has given Justin a tool box full of creative power.


Career Highlights:

  • Visual Merchandising
  • International Sales
  • Marketing
  • Retail Management
  • Costume Design
  • E-commerce



Visual Merchandiser/Creative Hand

ZenGenius, Inc.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Library:

  • Cataloging and organizing pieces.
  • Installing looks at flagship locations.
  • Shipping looks to various international and national locations. 

LBrands Home Office:

  • In-office displays.
  • Assisting visual team with trend boards and other various tasks.


  • Vinyl installation for stores and home office. 
  • Pop Up Shop installation downtown, Columbus, OH.
  • Various visual merchandising projects in store and home office.


  • Visual Merchandising for yearly Avon Rep Fest conference, with attendance of 6,000 people.

Lord & Taylor

  • Visual Merchandising for national locations. 
  • Floor-set moves.


Visual Manager

Blend Sales & Marketing

  • Product markets included: Specialty Food, Home Decor, Gift & Tabletop
  • Developed & executed both temporary and permanent displays within trade show booth in Atlanta, NYC, Chicago & Paris
  • Oversaw all creative and visual standards for the Blend Showroom in Dallas, TX
  • Worked alongside CEO in vendor selection for the showroom
  • Carefully spent time with the vendors to secure the optimal product assortment


Visual Manager

Bink Davies

  • Responsible for all visual efforts for multiple store locations
  • Designed store layouts for 2 new locations
  • Created company-wide marketing endeavors, including print, web & social media
  • Trained new employees on visual standards and basic merchandising skills
  • Aided store owner in new vendor selection and product mix