Kelly Lee

Visual Merchandiser & Interior Designer


Kelly is very passionate about sustainable design, which conveys her belief in the harmony and balance between earth, mankind and all other creatures.  Technology and craftsmanship are important, and evident in her approach to design.  As a team-oriented creative person, Kelly always strives for client satisfaction and professionalism.


Career Highlights:

  • Mandarin/English Interpretation
  • Sustainable Design
  • Commercial and Hospitality Planning and Design
  • Strong Sense of Visual Communication
  • Communication and Coordination


Visual Merchandiser & Interior Designer at ZenGenius, Inc.

  • Visual Merchandising planning and design.

Interior Designer at HCF Architects

  • Materials and finishes planning.
  • 3D modeling and rendering.
  • AutoCAD drawing and planning.

Interior Designer at CCAD MindMarket

  • Schematic Design, AutoCAD Drawing and 3D Modeling & Rendering for MFA Space in Circle Hall Building of CCAD Literature Department.
  • Schematic Design, AutoCAD Drawing and 3D Modeling & Rendering for BizTown Renovation at Junior Achievement.


"Kelly is extremely passionate and enthusiastic in interior design, especially on issues towards sustainability and ergonomics. She has very strong interpersonal skills as an absolute team player, who demonstrates persuasive leadership. Progressionist is what she has been seen as a creative professional."

- Chih-Yuan Chao, Architect, HCF Architects