Kristen Brown

Visual Merchandiser & Events Designer


Although Kristen has lived in every major Ohio city, she decided to grow roots in Columbus in 2016. Columbus fuels her creativity through engaging with students at CCAD, curating local artists at a Franklinton coffeeshop + coworking space, and volunteering with the Greater Columbus Arts Council. Kristen brings fine art and art historical training, visual merchandising and retail experience, and a positive outlook. Kristen thrives in collaborative efforts with other creatives, is interested in cultivating a culture of making, and continually seeks growth.


Career Highlights:

  • Local Art Curator

  • Art Educator

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Retail Management

  • Events Coordinator

  • Pottery Studio Management


Visual Merchandiser

ZenGenius, Inc.

Visual Merchandiser

Visual Merchandiser + Event Coordinator

Bottoms Up/Cova Cowork

  • Scout local artists, coordinate events calendar

  • Install and promote exhibition

  • Plan and host artists’ events


Visual Merchandiser

Fabulous Female Boutique

  • Designed window displays

  • Sourced and installed fixtures

  • Aided store owner in vendor and product selection  


Visual Merchandiser

Zig Zag Gallery

  • Visually merchandised American crafts


Event Coordinator

  • Friends’ weddings