Kyle Brown

Visual Merchandiser


Kyle Brown is an inventive, driven, and passionate Visual Merchandiser and Visual Merchandise Manager, who is constantly looking for a challenging project to take on.

Kyle has been working as a merchandiser in New York City for 15 years, spending more than half of that time in management, and even attaining the position of a corporate visual manager. Kyle has shown strength as a merchandiser, manager, stylist, corporate employee, and display artist. He seeks to use his expertise to not only elevate the customer’s experience, but to also be a reliable source of support, inspiration, and consistency for whatever team he is on.


Career Highlights:

  • Opened and Led a Single Store to Results of More Than $80 Million
  • Set Corporate Directives that were Distributed World-Wide
  • Turned a Store’s Profits From -50% to +35% in 4 Months
  • Styled Showroom Mannequins for Magazine Ads
  • Hired, Trained, and Promoted 8 Visual Merchandisers to Visual Managers


Visual Merchandiser

ZenGenius, Inc.

Assistant Store Manager of Merchandising

Forever 21

  • Conducted successful walkthroughs with COO of company, Regional Director, and Director of Visual Merchandising through strategic merchandise placement and re-fixturing brought store from -50% comp to +35% comp
  • Re-launched Men’s department, which resulted in +333% increase over previous Men’s department


District Visual Manager

Forever 21

  • Directed team of visual managers and merchandisers to sales of over $80 million
  • Attended corporate floor-set in LA bi-monthly
  • Awarded most profitable store in the company
  • Created directives that were distributed to all stores in North America
  • Promoted 8 visual merchandisers to visual managers in the region


Creative Stylist


  • Directed all fashion styling on TopMan floor, occasionally TopShop
  • Worked with PR team to create looks for lookbooks and for celebrity clientele
  • Maintained control of TopMan window, sourcing materials, painting, installing props, and pulling outfits/styling mannequins
  • Installed all props on the TopMan and TopShop sales floors; including decals, wallpaper, vinyls, hanging displays, floor displays, posters, and painting
  • Trained all incoming sale associates on visual standards
  • Created the weekly schedule for visual teams