Ready To Wear Child Pose 2.1


Ready To Wear Child Pose 2.1


The Ready To Wear Collection by Mondo Mannequins

This pose captures the moment when you were forced to wear your "nice clothes" and, out of fear, your parents made you stay inside all day away from your messy neighbor friends. The pose also exudes a very relaxed body language which coupled with a child-size stature can give any display the dose of youthfulness that it needs.  

Ready To Wear Kid 6 year old pose 2.1 with egg head facing left, arms at side, right leg slightly forward, standard calf and foot fitting and glass base. Beautiful True White finish.

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Mannequin Specifications:

Height: 46.8"

Chest: 25.25"

Waist: 21.25"

Hips: 26.5"

Neck: 11"

Finish: #109 True White Matte