Ready To Wear Child Pose 3.2


Ready To Wear Child Pose 3.2


The Ready To Wear Collection by Mondo Mannequins

This pose says "I just made eye-contact with my crush" which automatically means you have to pretend to be a model until they walk out of site. So if you are looking for a little childhood sassy for your display, then this mannequin she has it covered. 

Ready To Wear Kid 8 year old pose 3.2 with egg head tilted left, left hand on hip, right leg crossed over left, standard calf and foot fitting and glass base. Beautiful True White finish.

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Mannequin Specifications:

Height: 51.25"

Chest: 25.25"

Waist: 22"

Hips: 26.5"

Neck: 11"

Finish: #109 True White Matte