Nate Beckles

Visual Merchandiser


Nate is an enthusiastic, outgoing and detail oriented Visual Merchandiser. With many years of visual merchandising experience, he thrives in a fast-paced team environment. As Nate is a quick learner, he also likes taking on new projects that allow him to think outside the box. Nate’s passion for merchandising has allowed him to work in both fashion and interior design. 


Career Highlights:

  • Visual Merchandising for a Multi-Billion-Dollar Company
  • Floor-sets
  • New Store Openings
  • Merchandising at Ralph Lauren Men’s Mansion in New York City


Visual Merchandiser

ZenGenius, Inc.


Merchandising Coordinator

New Balance

  • Created monthly merchandising guides, to be followed by flagship retailers
  • Led corporate partnership with footwear department, for strategic placement of new delivery
  • Improved merchandising processes in corporate mock store


Men’s Visual Merchandising Manager

Club Monaco

  • Ensured the brand integrity of the company was reflected to the customer 
  • Provided necessary feedback to the corporate office and field visual teams to drive the business through visual and merchandising opportunities
  • Managed visual presentations for one of the top three grossing stores in the company 


Visual Leader: Visuals, Displays, Creative Presentations 

Restoration Hardware

  • Planned and executed product presentations for a large one-floor and additional three-floor facility
  • Designed showroom presentations to maximize appeal clients
  • Linked inventory planning and product display selection for consumer preferences and emerging trends
  • Handled all signage and in-store promotional materials


Freelance Creative Presentation Coordinator

Ralph Lauren

  • Involved with rigging mannequins and implementing new interior designs on floors during installs and changeover, and helped with daily interior set maintenance and display of props on all floors
  • Assigned with interior installation, repositioning mannequins, re-propping, re-merchandising, and sourcing alternative products for interior presentations
  • Worked on mannequins on Blue Label and Black Label floors using the different styles of rigging
  • Worked on change over and installs from spring to winter collections outside of standard retail hours