Panupan Savettapan

Visual Merchandiser


Panupan is an accomplished Visual Merchandiser with more than eight years of experience. She possesses advanced conceptual skills and is an innovative thinker with fresh ideas. She is a self-motivated person who is reliable, a quick learner and works well in a fast-paced, team-oriented workplace. Her many years of experience have afforded her the ability to pay great attention to detail in high-energy environments while remaining true to the foundation of the brand.


Career Highlights:

  • Visual merchandising
  • Window presentation/installation
  • Floor-set
  • Fixture design and installation
  • New store openings
  • Lighting


Sr. Visual Merchandiser at Rag & Bone

  • Collaborated with cross-functional partners to implement and style the 2016 men’s collection for NYMFW.
  • Assisted with styling Men’s RBSS16 video campaign.
  • Executed visual directives from field visual management and retail operations.
  • Ensured correct placement of in-store marketing.
  • Partnered with PR team and area managers to implement compelling in-store events and product launches.

Visual Merchandising Coordinator at Tommy Hilfiger (Macy’s Flagship)

  • Executed grand opening of 8,000-square-foot Tommy Hilfiger shop within Macy’s.
  • Replicated and ensured integrity of visual display of sales floor.
  • Installed and maintained window presentation of 34th Street & Broadway.
  • Partnered with Macy’s and Tommy wholesale to implement POS materials and arrange apparel replenishment.
  • Trained sales associates and visual specialists on standards and visual direction.

District Visual Coordinator at Lacoste

  • Merchandised visual presentations for flagship stores.
  • Responsible for managing inventory, replenishment and POS materials.
  • Developed in-store relationships to maximize opportunities at various retail locations.
  • Trained sales associates/specialists/department and visual managers on current brand standards.

“Panupan always puts the customer atthe center of every decision she makes. Service to the guest, approachable to meet and greet, and focused on the selling culture. Professional attitude, assists to create enhanced experiences. Sincere, enthusiastic and self motivated. Follows up as a partner, accountable to cultivate and attract talent and self motivated to support their peers. Wish I had more of her type! She’s a go getter.”  - Lori Vieltorf, Macy’s Men’s Department Manager