Rashaud Hightower

Visual Merchandiser


Rashaud is a well-organized, passionate Visual Merchandiser, who is committed to taking on challenging projects. With several years of experience internationally, he’s developed a substantial amount of skills which allows him to create independently and within teams. Rashaud’s love for visual creativity through art and fashion culminated in the Visual Merchandising world, with an undercurrent of excitement to always learn more.


Career Highlights:

  • Fashion Stylist in London, U.K.
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Freelance


Visual Merchandiser

ZenGenius, Inc.

Sales Associate

Macy’s Heralds Square

  • Met daily and weekly goals for ladies’ ready-to- wear department
  • Assisted customers from all over the world and uniquely catered to each, based on their respective needs
  • Understood detailed brand information, such as: make, style, and material for ready-to- wear brands, including: Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, and DKNY


Fashion Stylist

L.K Bennet - London


General Organizer - London Fashion week SS14 



Showroom Coordinator 

Limited B - London

  • Styled and organized showroom for meetings and potential clients
  • Kept the showroom materials and information organized
  • Assisted the sales and marketing team