Ryan Myers

Creative Hand


Ryan is a Visual Designer, Draftsman and Craftsman with years of experience in the fields of retail, film and theater. Driven to provide the most visually engaging and highest quality products, his work has a history of quality and praise. He provides creative solutions to complex problems, and continually strives to  push the limits of what is possible in any and all projects he undertakes, no matter how difficult.


Career Highlights:

  • World premiere visual design
  • Master carpenter
  • Floor plan development
  • Accomplished draftsman


Creative Hand at ZenGenius, Inc.

  • Creative assistance and quality visual crafting.
  • On-site installation and prop construction.

Sales Director at Hennes & Mauritz

  • Visual marketing.
  • Floor plan development and implementation.
  • Sales associate training and management.

Master Carpenter and Scenic Artist at Heritage Theater

  • Visual design.
  • Architectural drafting.
  • Craftsman team management and direction.
  • Fabrication of various visual elements utilizing carpentry, foam carving, welding and painting.