Tom Benedict

Visual Merchandiser


Tom Benedict has a strong passion for photography and art. He excels in thinking outside the of the box to complete tasks creatively and efficiently. With more than 4 years experience working within the retail industry, he's used these skills to create simple yet imaginative visual displays at retailers such as Ralph Lauren and Terrain. He has also worked with retailers such as Lord & Taylor, Tiffany's, FRCH Design, Macy's, Hugo Boss, and Dior while assisting New York based retail and architecture photographer , Richard Cadan. Tom was born and raised in London, exposed to a vast variety of culture and diversity. He has always had a desire to travel and explore, so after finishing his photography studies at London Metropolitan in 2007, he decided to travel the world. He now lives in Brooklyn, NY freelancing in Photography and Creative Services.


Career Highlights:

  • Photography
  • Window and interior displays
  • Visual Merchandising
  • Product Presentation


Richard Cadan Photography, Photography Tech/Administrative Assistant.

  • Assist New York based retail and architecture photographer, Richard Cadan, on various location shoots across the US, with production, composition and merchandising layout.
  • Independently shoot private retail events for RDI (Retail Design Institution)
  • Catalogue and organize RAW, TIFF, PSD, and JPEG photo files during and after shoots.
  • Creatively react and problem solve during shoots.

Ralph Lauren, North East region, NY/CT, Creative Services-Creative Coordinator Freelancer

  • Support the creative team with planning, preparation of window, interior, and home installations.
  • Execution of window and interior sets s well as onsite prop handling.
  • Product presentation for rig changes and product display.
  • Sourcing materials and communicating with variety of vendors and contractors, while also keeping within a stringent budget.

Terrain, Westport, CT - Visual Team.

  • Worked alongside the visual merchandising and sales teams to create exciting and imaginative displays and large-scaled seasonal floor sets.
  • Worked to maximize product visibility to enhance shopper experience.
  • Ensured store displays were stocked and easily accessible to the customer.