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  Joe Baer, Founder and CEO

Joe Baer, Founder and CEO

Visual Merchandising Training is essential to the success of any great visual team or retail store.

Just like a great piece of fine art, Visual Merchandising also has rules, guidelines and principles that help in creating a store experience that can be compared to a work of art.  We learn and teach the rules so that we know when and where to apply them, and sometimes when to break them.  

Visual Merchandisers must also master basic skills and learn techniques to complete tasks effectively, efficiently and with a level of safety and quality that meets the expectations of the modern consumer.

At ZenGenius our Visual Merchandisers are trained in many of the hands-on skills required, and are taught about the basic merchandising principles.  We encourage everyone on our team to stay current with art, trends and culture that may apply to any of the projects we take on.

Need some training of your own or someone to inspire your team?  We'd love to help with that too.  We can also establish your own Visual Merchandising Principles and Guidelines and help you to develop your own Visual Merchandising Training Program.

Take a look at some of our training videos on the ZenGenius YouTube channel.

How to Apply a Vinyl Graphic

How to Remove a Vinyl Graphic

The Visual Merchandiser's Toolbox

How to Dress a Bust Form

Interested in your own Visual Merchandising Team Building Challenge? Check out the Iron Merchant Challenge at the International Retail Design Conference.

2013 Iron Merchant Challenge at IRDC

2012 Iron Merchant Challenge at IRDC

Let us create an interactive team builder that is customized for your team.

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