Victor Valadez

Visual Merchandiser

Victor Valadez.jpg

 Victor is an experienced and skilled Visual Merchandizer with an exceptional eye for styling and interior design. He has worked for corporate home offices, planning floor-set prototypes from scratch, to in-stores on-the-field. Victor also has extensive experience with event planning. He has worked for Columbus Fashion week and takes part in the prestigious Fashion Production Association at Ohio State University, where he is also majoring in Fashion Merchandising. He is always looking for creative ways to bring his talent to life, whether it’s designing a store interior, executing an event, or anything creative. Victor will take something from nothing and turn it into something beautiful and interesting. His innovative ideas are what drives a positive outcome in all of his work.


Career Highlights:

  •  Visual Merchandising
  • Event Planning and Styling
  • Window and Floor-set Execution
  • Retail Management


 Visual Merchandiser/Creative hand

ZenGenius Inc.

 Visual Coordinator

Lands end

  • Runs a top 50 store by driving and maximizing business through the implementation of high quality visual standards.
  • Designs store layouts on a regular basis to update and re-fresh the look of the store to maximize sales.
  • Achieves business objectives by implementing innovative visual schemes and concepts.

Creative Floor-set Assistant


  • Executed floor-sets and styled mannequins with great attention to detail, as determined by home office to serve as guidelines for stores nationwide.
  • Created different schemes and concepts for prototypes at home office mock stores.
  • Assisted photographers in shooting display photos for the creation of seasonal floor plans.


Abercrombie & Fitch

  • Styled forms with the latest fashion trends.
  • Created form specification documents for seasonal store updates.
  • Prepared merchandise on the flat and on-figure to be used for online display photos.