Favorites from India


New Delhi has caught our eye with these TOP 2 retail store design favorites!



By Makers, who practice their craft to make everyday products for all.
By Users, who connect to the source, the who & the how.


Environmentally friendly India based denim brand, KORRA, had us blown away by their overall sense of store design. From the design of the fitting rooms, to the stitches on each piece KORRA believes in its' mission to make all products purposeful. KORRA's sense of simplicity is what catches your eye as you're walking through the DLF Place Shopping Mall. You'll notice the design process illustrated on the walls within the store by hanging product to the thread and buttons used to create each piece. What makes KORRA unique is its commitment to the environment. As you wonder through the store passing by the hanging denim and designers table making your way to the fitting rooms you'll notice the use of recycled materials used to construct each room and platform.  KORRA's products are each crafted by a single individual of the design team ensuring its consistency in quality design. Although, this is KORRA's one and only retail outlet we're looking forward to seeing this brand grow and expand!

International Zen Visual Coordinator, Leslie, taking a selfie with the store team at KORRA.

International Zen Visual Coordinator, Leslie, taking a selfie with the store team at KORRA.



Welcome to the burrow as they say at Rare Rabbit, a Men's fashion brand based in India. Listed as one of our "Top Finds" in terms of apparel design, quality, craftsmanship, store design, and merchandising. The Rare Rabbit store experience is one that connects the customer with their product which is carried out through their store design and merchandising. The Rare Rabbit is a for sure must see guys if you're visiting India!