Emily Heffner

Zen Talent Administrative Coordinator


Emily is new to the visual merchandising world but has a very strong administrative and event management background.  She’s quick to learn new things and highly organized.  Emily has experience with office management and event planning and coordination.


skills + career highlights

  • Helped plan over 200 events per year with her university’s activities board

  • Responsible for a $100,000 budget with her university’s activities board

  • Front Door Supervisor for Express Live! Concert venue

  • Responsible for volunteer recruitment and management for PromoWest Fest 2016



ZenGenius, Inc. | Zen Talent Administrative Coordinator

 geoAMPS | Office Assistant

  • Managed, organized, and maintained office operations

  • Booked travel for employees visiting clients

  • Was responsible for planning company events

  • Assisted the CEO, COO and project management team with any other delegated tasks

PromoWest Productions | Security Supervisor

  • Responsible for front door operations day of concerts

  • Delegating tasks to a team of 15-20 people to guarantee the highest level of customer service

  • Assisted with volunteer recruitment and management for PromoWest Fest 2016

  • Assisted with beverage operations at Bunbury Music Festival 2016

Greater Columbus Convention Center, SMG | Event Receptionist

  • Assisted the event managers with paperwork, filing, and any other delegated tasks for events

Student Activities Council - Missouri State University | Concerts Chair

  • Developed strategic planning techniques to put together 3-4 events per semester related to the concerts industry

  • Managed a $100,000 budget

  • Maintained relationships with agents, production companies, catering services, and membership

Big Picture Media; New York, NY | Publicity Intern

  • Created and collected press clips to compile into press reports and press packs

  • Assisted in overall development of artists’ campaign




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