While retail continues to evolve and consumer behavior changes, one thing remains constant - the desire for impactful, engaging visual experiences that make a lasting impression.

For more than 20 years, ZenGenius has supported retailers and brands by bringing their story to life through visual merchandising. That’s why we employ the best visual merchandisers and designers to elevate your space to the next level, driving consumer traffic and increasing sales.

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With a network of visual merchandisers across the U.S., we are your on-demand resource, expertly addressing merchandising challenges where and when you need us.

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It takes a lot of work to look this good. Our team helps you work behind the scenes to keep everything running smoothly.

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Use us as a sounding board or as a collaborative partner when you’re not sure where to start, but you know it needs to look good.

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Whether it’s a store opening, gala, or product launch, we carefully craft events that make an impact from floor-to-ceiling.

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Signature, hands-on training sessions to engage, educate and inspire. Get your team to break out of the box, exit their comfort zone and create.

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Invite one of our entertaining, charismatic and creative ZenGenius Gurus to speak at your event, conference or team meeting.

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“The Zen genius sleeps in every one of us and demands an awakening.” ZenGenius awakens creativity.


-d.t. suzuki -


Founded in 1999 in Columbus, Ohio by visual merchandisers and creative directors, Joe Baer and Paul Cook, ZenGenius was built on the belief that our unique talents are an opportunity and a gift to help the world through visual merchandising.

More than 20 years later, ZenGenius has built an extensive network of visual merchandisers, creative directors, stylists and designers, who constantly question, tinker and challenge the status quo to bring life to your brand through visual experiences.


The right place. the right time. the right reason.



“We bring calm to your chaos.”

-joe baer, co-founder + ceo


Whether you have a visual 911, need an extra set of hands to fold and finesse, or need a collaborative partner to evaluate your merchandising strategy, our Zens are available on-demand. Schedule us for a full day, a half day or for the long haul - no matter, we’re here to assist.