Joe Baer

Co-Founder + CEO



Joe Baer is the Co-Founder, visionary and creative force behind ZenGenius.  He is a leader among the Visual Merchandising and retail  industry and is committed to raising the awareness of Visual Merchandising as an important element of any great retail and event experience.  He believes Visual Merchandising is an amazing career path for many creative individuals that are looking for a rewarding and fulfilling opportunity.   In addition to his extensive knowledge of Visual Merchandising, Joe is an experienced public speaker and travels around the world inspiring and teaching others about the power of Visual Merchandising. 

He leads training programs, conducts interactive Visual Merchandising workshops and is well known for creating and leading the IRON MERCHANT CHALLENGE, a signature interactive workshop held each year at the International Retail Design Conference.  Joe has been a judge for VMSD Magazine's International Visual Merchandising Contest for over five years and has sponsored the Holiday Window Contest in the Short North Arts District of Columbus, Ohio for several years.  His inspiration comes from absolutely everywhere and everything.


skills + career highlights

  • CEO and Co-Founder

  • Creative Entrepreneur

  • Creative Direction

  • Visual Merchandising

  • Visual Strategies

  • Training, Workshop, Seminars

  • Public Speaking

  • Creator and facilitator of the first Visual Digital Olympics at EuroShop (Düsseldorf, Germany) in collaboration with Chute Gerdeman

  • Creator and facilitator of The Iron Merchant Challenge at the International Retail Design Conference, now in its 14th year




ZenGenius, Inc. | Co-Founder, CEO and Creative Director

  • Contributes on  all projects large and small to ensure maximum quality and creative impact.

Chute Gerdeman | Visual Merchandising Manager

  • Led the Visual Team and partnered with the Design Development teams to grow the Visual Merchandising business.

Victoria’s Secret | Visual Merchandising Coordinator

  • Created and implemented visual merchandising concepts, fixtures, props, standards and communication tools to roll out to all stores.

Macy’s West/Broadway Southwest | Visual Merchandising Regional Manager

  • Led and managed the visual teams and roll out of directives for 12 stores in a 5 state region

  • Started as Visual Merchandising Manager at Park Mall, Tucson AZ and Paradise Valley Mall, Phoenix, AZ.

Lazarus | Visual Merchandising Manager

  • Where it all began. From sales to seasonal holiday trimmer to my first position on an amazing visual team and eventually my first store as a Visual Merchandising Manager.




At the heart of every visual merchandiser is the ability to be ingenious - the ability to think creatively and solve problems. Our team brings calm to your chaos, expertly addressing your merchandising challenges. Are you ready to create a zen moment?