Paul Cook

Co-Founder + Sr. Visual Merchandiser



After starting in retail as a Henri Bendel Sales Manager, Paul moved over to the Visual Department. It was here that he found his passion for the creative aspects of retail. He has extensive experience across all levels of Visual Merchandising, from high-end couture, designer, sportswear, jewelry, home-goods, and shoes, he’s covered it all.


skills + career highlights

  • Co-Founder of ZenGenius, Inc.

  • Experiencing the world while traveling for work

  • Working at Henri Bendel during the 90’s when it was a full-scale store

  • Involved in many store openings for Lazarus, Victoria’s Secret and Chico’s




ZenGenius, Inc. | Co-Founder and Sr. Visual Merchandiser

  • Excels with hands-on installations for a variety of visual and event projects.

  • Works on graphics and branding for visual and event projects.

  • Works with internal ZenGenius team creating training programs for a variety of businesses.

Victoria’s Secret | Visual Merchandiser

  • Oversaw multiple departments during merchandising for floor-sets.

  • Generated floor-set documents.

  • Worked directly with multiple internal teams testing new fixtures, visuals and graphics.

Henri Bendel | Visual Merchandiser

  • Worked in visual merchandising for 5 years, covering all areas of the store.

  • Participated in installations at Easton Towne Center store for 6 years.

  • Oversaw in-store standards.

  • Early window sets were initial idea generating, sourcing and installing.




At the heart of every visual merchandiser is the ability to be ingenious - the ability to think creatively and solve problems. Our team brings calm to your chaos, expertly addressing your merchandising challenges. Are you ready to create a zen moment?