At ZenGenius, we view sustainability as meeting the needs of our current demands without compromising the needs of future generations.

With this in mind, we established the Global Litter Campaign to challenge people around the world to pick up litter and clean up their communities. As passionate creatives, we encourage reuse and repurposing of refuse to create art, brightening the world around us.

No matter which community you live in, we encourage you to get out there and do your part. Challenge yourself to take small steps to preserve our earth while making a big impact for a better tomorrow.

Keep your eyes and ears open as we move toward establishing the Global Litter Campaign as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.


Today and all days

Challenge yourself to take small steps to preserve our earth while making a big impact for a better tomorrow.


july 2019

Milo-Grogan is looking good!

A few of our Zens kicked off the 4th of July Weekend with a bit of feel-good community clean up. Many thanks to our Visual Merchandising Manager, Garrison Latimer, for organizing this event, and to our neighbors and fellow Milo-Grogan business Middle West Spirits for joining in the activities.

In total we collected eleven bags of trash including a few peculiar items like a rug, shoes and clothing, a foam football, a toothbrush, and even a steering wheel cover. We added a bit of competition with a bit of litter pick up bingo.



may 2019

ZenGenius joins Columbus Litter League

As you may know, we love a little healthy competition (see the Iron Merchant Challenge). Alongside our passion for sustainability, we are deeply dedicated to our local community. This is why we recently joined the Columbus Litter League, a competitive, team-style litter abatement initiative. The 2019 season started Saturday, May 18 and will run until Saturday, August 24. Check back for updates as we compete, collaborate and clean-up Columbus!



april 2019

ZenGenius’ Meg Lefeld celebrates another trip around the sun by hosting birthday litter pick-up party

At ZenGenius, we're passionate about making a positive impact on our planet for a brighter future ahead. On a sunny, spring Saturday afternoon, we gathered at Glen Echo Ravine to grant a birthday wish for our very own Meg Lefeld. She swapped a traditional celebration for a “litter pick up party” to clean up within the community and G’Litter Done!



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