ZenGenius employs the best designers and merchandisers to elevate your space to the next level to drive consumer traffic.

Providing expertise in the following services:

visual merchandising

Visual Operations 




Seminars & workshops 

Maximizing Sales through Visual Merchandising


Visual Merchandising is key to a successful retail concept. It is the heart beat of a store that keeps it vital, relevant and fresh. It provides the texture of the store that enhances the store design, and refers to anything that can be seen by the customer inside and outside of the store, including window displays, signage, decor, fixtures, and store layout. Our work attracts customers into your store and increases sales. 

ZenGenius provides expertise within the following formats of Visual Merchandising:

  • Freelance Visual Merchandisers & Stylists 
  • Creative Directors & Project Managers
  • Retail Graphic Design
  • Visual Merchandising Training Tools
  • Visual Merchandising Audits
  • Training Workshops & Seminars




Transforming Your Space into an Oasis.


Whether it's an annual corporate event, an anniversary party, a wedding, a new product launch or a ribbon cutting ceremony for a new store opening or facility, our events team at ZenGenius is ready to help you create a vision and bring it to life. Our designs will inspire your employees and guests with long lasting, memorable moments that are sure to "WOW" them.

Our events team will carefully craft the details of your event. We will construct and/or curate simple and elegant decor to reinforce any special occasion. No matter the scale, our team is ready to pay attention to every detail so you don't have to. Let us create a memorable experience!


  ILEA WOW Award  |     2016 Best Entertainment Production

ILEA WOW Award |  2016 Best Entertainment Production

   ILEA WOW Award  |  2016 Best Entertainment Production

 ILEA WOW Award | 2016 Best Entertainment Production

  ILEA WOW Award  |  2016 Best Entertainment Production

ILEA WOW Award | 2016 Best Entertainment Production

Our Creative Directors are Ready to Solve your Challenges.


ZenGenius employs creative genius' who envision and execute the creative direction you need for your next store opening, photo shoot, window display and floor merchandising.

Our clients not only use our creative hands to bring their creative vision to life, but also seek creative support to develop the concepts and ideas to elevate a brand.




Solutions to Increase Productivity in your Operations from Our Experts


Allow our experts at ZenGenius to assist you with your visual operations. Our experienced team is equipped to help you increase your productivity through with the following services, enabling you to maintain consistency within your operations.

We can provide you with the tools and talents to transform your operations with the following;

  • Sourcing | Procurement
  • Fixture | Element Prototyping
  • Custom Fixture Production
  • Custom Decor | Element Production
  • Visual Training Programs
  • Store / Shop Rollout
  • Allocation & Distribution
  • Visual Audits
  • Mystery Shopping
  • Competitive Analysis

Explore our Training Solutions and Seminars


Need some merchandising training of your own or someone to inspire your team? We'd love to help with that too. We can establish your own Visual Merchandising Principles and Guidelines and help you to develop your own Visual Merchandising Training Program. Click the buttons below to explore ways in which ZenGenius can help further enhance your Visual Merchandising skills.